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I’m Andrea, creator of this blog and Owner and Principal Designer here at Buttercup Design! Welcome to our world! This is my first ever blog post – so bear with me while I get situated and learn how to do this. I’m fairly well versed in social media, but blogging is one medium I’ve not dove into. Until now! Since business is busy, I won’t be posting every day (check insta for more frequent news) but I do plan to use this space to share more details about projects, fun facts, tips, tricks, fave products or inspiring work of colleagues and other designers we love.

I’m super excited to announce our new website and our complete re-brand! Check out the brand new site, click, link, browse, read and explore some of our recent projects and let me know what you think! We have a new logo, brand identity and look that represents who we are as a company and as a team. I am saying goodbye to the flower and hello to a new US. We are still Buttercup – have no doubt!

Our new homepage – whatchya think?!

I spent the last few months researching, gathering info, shooting our work, photographing flat lays (which has become sort of an obsession!), designing our new logo and stamp (which I love!) and designing the site top to bottom. I definitely channelled my old love of page design from back in J-school where I was art director for our school magazine. And loved it! It has been a large undertaking, but I feel that the process really allowed me to find our true personality and create a site that speaks to who we are as a team and as a company. It’s modern, clean, fresh, informative and most importantly friendly and fun. I hope that you all can feel our personality when you sit and explore it. A big shout out to Jillian & Sarah for their keen eye and help pulling this thing together, Ben Kane for his mad skills building the site (and for putting up with my neurotic perfectionism) and friends, colleagues and clients for their feedback and input. So excited to finally get this thing launched. Give us your feedback in the comments below!

And come back and visit soon!

Our new Buttercup Stamp – yeahhh

Buttercup Design was created on the front porch of Andrea’s century home with a cup of coffee, big dreams and way fewer responsibilities. Two kids and two employees later her dream has become a busy, hectic but immensely fulfilling reality.

What started as a one-woman design biz, has grown over the past ten years into a successful design and build firm with both residential and commercial clients across the Region of Waterloo and Ontario.